How Smart And Successful High Achievers Get More Done In 66 Days Than Most Do In A Lifetime
Create a Step-By-Step Process For You To Achieve Any Goal Without “Grinding Out” 10 Hour Long Work Days

My name is Jay Papasan and I’m the co-author of the number one Wall Street Journal bestseller, The ONE Thing.

On this page, we (Keller Williams and I) will show you how you can discover the one thing that will make the greatest, most beneficial shift in your life, how to create reliable habits for achieving anything you desire, and how you can get us support and coach you throughout this journey.

Sound good? Great! Because what we’re announcing today is 8 years in the making and has never been shared anywhere else!
The Following Information Has Been Locked Behind Closed Doors and Revealed Only To Trusted Staff And Private Clients (Until Now...)
What people don’t know about the book, The ONE Thing, is before Gary Keller and I published it in 2008, we invested almost 5 years researching the proven principles that drive big achievement in life and business. We accumulated hundreds of hours outlining the very principles Gary and his team used to build the #1 real estate company in the world.

You might be wondering:
Why did writing a book take 5 years of research?

The reason why it took us five years to prepare The ONE Thing is because we wanted to make sure it wouldn’t be *just* another success book about how “I did it”. We wanted to truly help people with our book by providing an approach that anyone could follow.
We took our time because we wanted a book that created a huge and positive impact on the world. A book that changed how people focus their time and energy to get things done, just like Gary Keller did to create a multimillion dollar company.

What ended up happening once we published The ONE Thing was sales went above and beyond what we imagined. To date, The ONE Thing has sold more than seven-hundred thousand copies, made more than two hundred and fifty appearances on national bestsellers lists, and has been translated into over 25 languages around the world!
Why The ONE Thing Sold More Than 700,000 Copies, Reached 245 Bestsellers List, And Translated Into 25 Different Languages
The reason why The ONE Thing was — and continues to be — so successful is because the book discloses the simple approach used by achievers not just in business but virtually every pursuit.

We studied the lives of artists, athletes, musicians, technologist…you name it. And we documented what they had in common. Because while we may not be able to duplicate any individual's approach to success, we can absolutely follow a path laid down by hundreds of extraordinarily successful people.

Let that sink in for just a moment.

We essentially outlined exactly how to achieve success, step-by-step...

It’s no wonder why The ONE Thing has been vital to positively changing so many lives. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re a business owner, an employee, or a freelancer — the simple principles in The ONE Thing show you how to make your big goals possible, in a fraction of the time it would normally take you.

Your one thing could be about business, health, or even your personal life.

That’s how powerful this simple approach is once you use it.
So what exactly did the book, The ONE Thing, teach you?
The ONE Thing explained how to focus your time and energy on the one thing that, once completed, makes everything else you do easier or unnecessary.

Now that you know the background about the simple, yet powerful principle in The ONE Thing, we’ll now tell you what we did to figure out what the biggest challenges were from our readers, what we created in response, and a new way for you to become a master of your time — even if you’re easily distracted.
After Publishing The ONE Thing, We Asked Our Readers What Else We Could Do To Improve Their Lives...
This is what our audience told us to do.

Since there were hundreds of thousands of people who were using The ONE Thing to achieve extraordinary results, we knew we were just getting started.

But, there was a problem.

With so many people reading and using our book to better their lives, we were receiving thousands of requests for additional help. Helping people wasn’t the problem, the problem was: figuring out what we should help our audience with first.

To help us figure this out, we sent out a survey that asked: what is the one thing you wished you had more help with after reading the book?

It didn’t take long before we were flooded with thousands of replies.

The data made it clear what would happen next.

After reading what you told us and analyzing the data, we determined the next thing we could do to help you most would be to show you how to master time using one of the core concepts in our book.

If you’ve read The ONE Thing, you know about this concept. It’s called Time Blocking.

What is Time Blocking?

If you haven’t read our book, time blocking is a system for making appointments with yourself every day, so you can focus your energy on the most important work that helps you achieve extraordinary results — without sabotaging your willpower.

We’ve seen people use time blocking to reach their long term goals in a short amount of time.
Time blocking is directly responsible for helping our readers make more money, get into better shape, and improve their relationships.
We Created A Systematic Way For You To Begin AND Complete Any Goal, Even If You Only Have 15 Minutes Available Per Day
Quick question for you:

Have you ever been in a situation where you were so excited to start something new, but you lost motivation and focus once you got started?

It happens to everyone.

We get pumped up and excited about starting something new, like sticking to a new diet or learning how to play the piano. But, unfortunately, we tend to wear ourselves out and never stick to what we started.

We get frustrated and perhaps even angry about our progress. You might even tell yourself, “Why did I even start?”

What happens next is, after a while, something else comes along that grabs your attention.
Another shiny object presents itself to you, and the vicious cycle repeats.
Your solution to ending this vicious cycle is time blocking.

With time blocking, you have a proven system for starting anything you set out to do, and sticking with it — even when it’s challenging...

Time blocking is the act of making small steps each day, until the new thing you’re working on becomes a habit. The end result is what was once difficult for you to do, becomes as normal and natural as brushing your teeth.

Time blocking parlays repetition into momentum, so you can achieve extraordinary things. Once we realized time blocking was the one thing our readers needed help with most, we mapped out and created something revolutionary that will improve millions of lives.
Introducing: Time Blocking Mastery, The World’s First Step-By-Step Training On Time Blocking!
We’re calling it Time Blocking Mastery, because once you go through the training, you’ll become a master of your time — for the rest of your life.

Here’s how Time Blocking Mastery works:

Time Blocking Mastery is an ongoing, 12-week training that’s split into two parts.

The first part of Time Blocking Mastery is the Foundation Series.
The Foundation Series is 9 video modules with training materials, like action guides and scripts, that teach you everything you need to get started Time Blocking and become a master of your time.

After you complete your first 2-weeks, you’ll take what you’ve learned and apply it to a 10-week training.
The second part of Time Blocking Mastery is the 10-week Accountability Series

You might be wondering, why did we make this second part ten weeks?
The reason why is because in our research we found that it takes a person, on average, 66 days to form a new habit. The second part, the Accountability Series, gives you the support you need while you complete your own 66 Day Challenge® to make your time block a habit that sticks.

As you’re mastering your time blocking skill, we’ll be sending you an accountability video each week that answers your questions, addresses your concerns, and gives you new insights that help you overcome the specific challenges you might face.
If you’re thinking 10 weeks, of training is too much — don’t worry.

As long as you can spend a few minutes a day time blocking, you will surprise yourself with how much progress you’ve made once you’ve completed the training.
Here Is A Preview of Some Of The Things You Will Learn In Time Blocking Mastery: Foundation Series

Welcome To Time Blocking Mastery!
In module 1, the introductory module for Time Blocking Mastery, you’ll learn how to navigate through the training, get support, and set yourself up for extraordinary results — even if you’ve been unsuccessful with managing your time in the past. Module 1 sets the groundwork for you to master time blocking.

Goal Setting to the Now
In module 2, we’ll teach you to articulate your big, scary goals and then break them down into manageable, daily steps.

The 4 Lies
Next, in module 3, you’ll learn why a long to-do list is counterproductive. And, we’ll show you how to turn your to-do list into a success list, which by the way, will be a whole lot shorter.

Module 3 will also show you the single-biggest thing about multitasking that’s killing your productivity (here’s a hint: it’s not about multitasking, it’s about something that happens after you multitask...)

The Focusing Question
In Module 4 of Time Blocking Mastery, you will learn how to create a unique statement that always keeps you focused and on track, even if you often find yourself stuck in “squirrel mode”.

The 7 Circles
Next, in Module 5, you’ll learn how to apply a powerful focusing question to your life, so you can always make sure you’re headed toward success. Success as in more money, stronger health, and for better relationships... (it’s 100% up to you, whatever your definition of success is, this one focusing question will help you reach it.)

Time Blocking
In Module 6, you’ll learn how to effectively manage your time, so you’re not overwhelmed when multiple things hit you at once.

Implementing Your Time Block
In Module 7, you’ll learn how to put everything you’ve learned up to this point into practice, because just knowing the “how to” isn’t enough... you’ll also need the nitty gritty details about making sure you stick to your time blocking every day.

Time Blocking Challenges
In Module 8, you’ll learn how to overcome the specific challenges that come up during time blocking. You’ll also learn how to remain strong and free from stress every day, even if you feel like you’re living in a busy world filled with chaos.

Your ONE Thing
In the last module of the Foundation Series, module 9, you will learn how to turbocharge the time you spend time blocking. This module brings everything together by helping you figure out your “big why” (figuring this out helps you stay in control and know where you’re headed — even if you are not one hundred percent sure on where you are going yet.)

Everything we just described covers the Foundational series of Time Blocking Mastery.

As we mentioned earlier, by now you will have everything you need to get started Time Blocking and becoming a master of your time. Most online trainings at this point would tell you: congratulations, good luck, and we wish you the best.

Time Blocking Mastery isn’t a one-and-done course.
Just like how we went overboard with the creation of our book, The ONE Thing, we added more to Time Blocking Mastery to help you become successful with time blocking.
How The 10-week Long Time Blocking: Accountability Series Works
We’ve included an extra series of videos that helps you throughout your 10-week time blocking training that give you the support you need while you complete your own 66 Day Challenge®.

These extra videos in the Accountability Series support you and keep you accountable while time blocking. Every week you will receive a video that coaches you on the specific challenges you are likely to encounter during that week of your time blocking training.

Because we’ve already taken an exclusive group through Time Blocking Mastery, we have a really good handle on the kinds of challenges you will be facing each week.

Some of the things the Accountability Series of videos cover includes:

  • What to do when you’re having trouble with picking your “one thing”. We’ll help you narrow it down to one thing, even if there are several things you would like to accomplish.
  • How to get back on track when (and if) you break your streak. The 66 Day Challenge® works best when you do your time blocking daily, but we realize you will be met with all kinds of challenges. We’ll guide, coach, and support you through this challenges, so you don’t get discouraged.
  • How to create small, daily wins — even if you only have 15 minutes a day. Mastering your time isn’t about “grinding” out 10 hour days. It’s more like the opposite. We’ll help you stick to daily, habitual, and productive blocks of time, so you can make daily progress toward any long term goal — without hitting any roadblocks. 
Now if we were a “sleazy” sales page, this is the part where we’d tell you an astronomical number that cements a high-price point in your mind.

We would do this by telling you our seminars and private consulting fees range from $15,000 to $25,000 dollars or more per client.

Then, we would gradually slash the price down, so you’d be convinced of the amazing deal you’re getting.
But here’s the thing: that’s not who we are. So rather than go into a big charade about the investment required from you to access Time Blocking Mastery, we’d rather just tell you.

Before we do, there is one more benefit to Time Blocking Mastery that hasn’t been mentioned yet.
Time Blocking Isn’t Something You Have To Do Alone... 
There is a vibrant community of like-minded people waiting to help you reach your goal.

Being surrounded by other time blocking members makes you more likely to stick to your 66 Day Challenge®.

It’s also fun to see the other members post pictures of their progress, share their calendars and tools, and tell each other stories about their successes and failures.

Here, have a look at what’s already happening in our group.

One of the best things about a community is you can rely on it when you make a mistake.
We are all human beings and we all make mistakes.

Everyone stumbles.

But failing DOES NOT make you a failure...

It just means you failed.

Gary Keller often says, “perfection is overrated” and success is really just a succession of failures we learn and rebound from.
The Time Blocking Mastery private community will be there for you to help you rebound.

So by now you’re wondering, what’s the price? I'll get to that in just a second, first let's see what people are saying about Time Blocking Mastery ...

Here's What People are Saying...

Nicole Rife

“The power of the mind is an amazing tool. Being selected to embark upon
a new journey as a founding member of time blocking mastery has been far more enlightening and empowering than I ever could have imagined. This course forced me to choose "one thing" that in any other setting I would not have selected something so personal. I would have chosen something professional as I knew it would be easier to achieve. In selecting something personal, which initially took me away from my business, ultimately opened my mind providing clarity and insight to improve my business. By removing myself from my business to complete my one personal thing daily and weekly, my team was empowered to take things to the next level. The support from within my team, family, friends and ultimately my co-founding founding members, allowed new levels of success to have been reached and new habits formed. I cannot thank Time Blocking Mastery course designers, teachers and participants enough. Without this course, I wouldn't be doing my one thing for me and watching my business grow in spite of me.”

“I'll be honest. I wasn't sure what there was to "master" when it came to blocking time in my calendar. Wow, was I schooled.
This class uncovers exactly what you are missing when it comes to owning your schedule. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you what that is. What I’ve learned from the group is that we each have our own struggles to overcome. These ten weeks are about finding them, living them, and overcoming them for yourself, and doing it with the support of your peers.

This is not a class that “teaches” you more about the tools in the ONE thing. This class is about showing up, being seen - whether you are succeeding or failing, and living the change. ”

Mary Sallee

Mike Thomas

“The Time Blocking Mastery (TBM) course is more than just
time blocking. It has been about taking the time out of my hectic and busy schedule for me. Time that has been invaluable as it has led to learning more about myself and what my ONE Thing needs to be. Over the last 40 days, I have established BIG goals, created new habits, learned new tips and tricks for time management, and enjoyed the camaraderie of the group. Yes, it’s about TBM, but it’s bigger than that. I believe taking this course has made me a better individual, business partner, father, and husband. This sounds audacious, but it’s true.

I would recommend TBM to anyone who is looking to control the chaos while attaining growth in their personal and professional lives.”

“My ONE Thing was based around my business, which is lead generation.
But let me tell you that not only has my focus on time blocking brought ease to my business, it has also brought ease and clarity to my personal life, as well. With the noise that we have from day to day and constant interruptions, time blocking and the ONE Thing actually makes this all easier and less of a daunting task. Trust me when I say that your days will get easier for most. With the accountability, ideas, and things you may not have ever thought about before in this course, your days will become easier and you will find clarity with much less stress.”


When We Initially Launched Time Blocking Mastery, More Than 600 People Were Willing To Invest $997...
During our private launch of Time Blocking Mastery, we used an application-only process that accepted only 100 members and required an investment of $997 to be one of the first to go through our training.

Once we made the announcement, we had over 600 applications who pre-paid to join! That’s the level of dedication that comes when you’re given a powerful tool.
And even though we technically could have accepted all 600 applications — and  generating over six-hundred-thousand dollars for our company — we stayed true to our word and limited the private launch to 100 members.

Yes, that was $500,000+ in revenue we said, “No” to...

The reason why I’m telling you this is because we already know there’s a high demand for Time Blocking Mastery. Keeping this in mind, the data tells us we could use a price point of $997 and no one would blink.

But, we won’t be pricing Time Blocking Mastery at $997

We’d rather make this training more accessible to a wider range of people.

Get Your Access to Time Blocking Mastery Now!
  • Unlocking Time Blocking Mastery today grants you access to the Foundation Series, a 9-module training on time blocking that gives you everything you need to start time blocking.
  • Each of the 9 modules comes with downloadable action guides and resources.
  • You’ll also get access to the 10-weeks of accountability videos we created that coach and support you during your 66 Day Challenge® to make your ONE thing a habit that sticks.
  • Another thing you’ll have immediate access to is the Time Blocking Mastery private community. This will be your new, favorite place for socializing with like-minded people who’re investing their time and energy into learning the one skill that helps them master their time forever: time blocking.
  • All of this will be yours, once you make your one-time-only investment of $497.
Here’s a Recap of The Opportunity Being Presented To You On This Page
Unlocking Time Blocking Mastery today grants you access to the Foundation Series, a 9-module training on time blocking that gives you everything you need to start time blocking.

Each of the 9 modules comes with downloadable action guides and resources.

You’ll also get access to the 10-weeks of accountability videos we created that coach and support you during your 66 Day Challenge® to make your ONE thing a habit that sticks.

Another thing you’ll have immediate access to is the Time Blocking Mastery private community. This will be your new, favorite place for socializing with like-minded people who’re investing their time and energy into learning the one skill that helps them master their time forever: time blocking.

All of this will be yours, once you make your one-time-only investment of $497.
We’re calling it an investment because that’s exactly what it is. Mastering your time is an investment in yourself and your future.

We’re looking forward to seeing you begin your mastery of time!

Be sure to introduce yourself to the community once you join!

The level of support in there alone is worth the value of the training.

Jay Papasan

P.S. Oh and by the way, Time Blocking Mastery comes with a 30-day, one hundred percent money-back guarantee.

If it were our goal to make as much money as possible, we would have accepted all 600 applications from the first round of people who wanted access to Time Blocking Mastery.
But that’s not our purpose. 
We want to create the best course possible for you today, to do it with integrity and in a way that makes everyone who takes it feels they got an amazing value.

We knew that by working with a limited number of members during our pre-launch, we’d able to have real dialogues with them and provide the best possible material for millions of people today.

If you disagree that Time Blocking Mastery is not everything you hoped and dreamed, let us know and we’ll return your investment.

Right now you’re being presented with a risk-free opportunity to improve the rest of your life.
P.P.S. If you’re still reading this, we have one final thing to say.

Imagine looking back, 5 years from now, and attributing your mastery of time blocking as the one thing — your keystone factor — that made the biggest and the most positive difference in your life.

Because once you master time blocking, the power available to you is limitless.

This course provides you with everything you need and want to know about time blocking, so you can achieve extraordinary results in less time than you think, even if you are easily distracted.

Together, we can pave the way for you to master your time, control your future, and develop a step-by-step process for achieving any goal—even if you only have 15 minutes available per day.

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